Internal Gardens has moved. Our BIGGER Tai Chi NJ location: Tai Chi in Rockaway, NJ.

by admin on December 12, 2012

Traditional tai chi comes to Morris County, NJ!  Master Instructor and Jou Tsung Hwa lineage holder, Shifu Loretta Wollering of Internal Gardens Tai Chi, has made traditional (pre-Communist era China) tai chi chuan available to all residents of Morris County, NJ and northern NJ.  The new location for tai chi is in Rockaway Boro, NJ at the Warren Lynch Ballet and holistic movement studio at:  55 West Main St; Rockaway, NJ 07866.  Classes are for adults only, and cover the physical, energetic, spiritual and esoteric principles of tai chi chuan in a very down-to-earth way.  Gentle self-defense and psychic self-defense topics are also covered.  You will receive an exercise not only of the body, but also the mind, ALL GEARED to YOUR personal level.

If you need to contact Internal Gardens, use our contact page here to email.  Our online tai chi video HQ and administrative office is located in Lincoln Park, NJ.  All group classes are Thursday evening and Saturday late morning in Rockaway, NJ. Close to the Rockaway Mall area.

Hope to see you there!!!

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